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"... the act of interpretation not only defines the phenomenon but also produces the phenomenon.  Making interpretations is a defining process, a social debate that is the phenomenon as we experience it, not separate from the phenomenon.  We’re talking about the relationship between photographer and subject, or any social investigation really.  This perspective is a statement about the creation of social meaning: that meaning does not exist independently of the observer, that the search for the centre of gravity shifts the centre of gravity." 
"Robert Minden: Photographing Others,”  Avis Lang Rosenberg, Vanguard 9:7 (September 1980}
Andrea and Dewi-7th ave-polaroid SX-70
"Andrea & Dewi & Midnight"
Polaroid SX-70 original print

“The figure of the child underscores the temporal aspects of the photograph; time is the child’s otherness. This awareness of time heightens its expression in the work: the blur, the ruptured edge, the picture-within-a-picture, the juxtaposition of old and new.”    

Martha Langford, "The Child in Me: A Figure of Photographic Creation" in Depicting Canada’s Children, Wilfrid Laurier University Press (2009) Loren Lerner (Editor)

nancy & mandy -1982
"nancy & mandy"
Polaroid SX-70 original print
"As a visual artist, Minden seeks to describe the intricacies of human relations, focussing on the signs of experience in a facial expression or gesture. The photograph’s intensification of such performances is what draws him to the medium; the evanescence of such moments is what fascinates him because it puts history into question, and the authority of any single moment at risk."  Martha Langford, "Robert Minden, Photographer and Storyteller" West Coast Line 35/1  Spring 2001
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