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The years of making portraits with a view camera  developed into an improvisational practice, slowing time, allowing space for the unofficial to emerge and for momentary, transient possibilities of an exchange between strangers.


Bonni & her children ©robert minden_edit
Thomas Jefferson Scribner-Santa Cruz ©ro
andrea and dewi with trike

from the series, Family Arrangements,

"Bonni and Her Children, Sardis 1974"

©robert minden

collection: National Gallery of Canada

from the series Artist Portraits,

"Thomas Jefferson Scribner, musical saw player", Santa Cruz, California 1972©robert minden

from the series Portrait of my Daughters,

"Andrea and Dewi with trike" 1973©robert minden

collection: National Gallery of Canada

"The dynamic of the moment was everything… a theatre of encounters between strangers, or family members, reaching through the medium of the camera was the driving force.”        Martha Langford, "The Child in Me: A Figure of Photographic Creation" in Depicting Canada’s Children, Wilfrid Laurier University Press (2009)  Loren Lerner (Editor)

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